Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, Monday: A Day in the Life

"Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head..."

Well, sort of. Woke up about 6:30am. Dressed, breakfasted, and left house about 7:40. Started the day with a visit to the chiropractor, and got to the office about 9:00. Turned in Watchmen at circulation desk.

As I do on most workdays, I booted up my computer and checked work email and Gmail. Only 46 new emails on the work account today; not bad for a weekend. Deleted a number of those that were Facebook announcements. Also checked the answering machine - no messages were left over the weekend. Scrolled through Twitter and FriendFeed feeds quickly to see if there were any I wanted to respond to. Selected starting track for iTunes; I need music!

Doctoral student researcher arrived this morning. Because she was in last week, we already had her materials pulled and ready to go.

Worked on reference question from a phone call I received after 5pm last Friday - when was our softball field given its current name? Oddly enough, we did not have a university subject file on the softball field or a biographical file on its namesake. Spent some time looking through campus newspapers and advancement office publications. Talked to athletics director to see what he knew. Returned call to patron from sports information office who was seeking info; gave him our best guesses.

Faculty member stopped by to chat; we talked about university matters and his daughter, one of my former student assistants.

Talked to dean about a letter I needed to send out and upcoming travel arrangements.

Noon: lunch break! (Saw former student assistant on way to lunch; she's interested in coming back.)

After lunch: responded to a reference question about interlibrary loan of microfilm reels. Sent letter to group that wants their collection back (no dice, according to our university attorney). Made copies for attorney and dean.

Former student assistant stopped by to see if I would be a reference; he's applying for an internship. (Of course I will.) Talked to him about his senior history paper due this fall. Suggested a collection he might find interesting.

Contacted our building steward about problems with our remote-controlled door lock. We either need new batteries for the remotes, or something is wrong with the lock. She has informed the appropriate person in facilities maintenance.

Moved boxes of personal papers for my 84-year-old part-time assistant. He has organized the material and prepared inventories, but I needed to do the shelving. No problem.

Emailed HR office about whether I need to do an annual evaluation for my new part-time person who just started work in November (no).

Attended weekly library management group meeting. No weekly Tuesday meeting this week, so that's good news.

Found folders for a processing project our technical services staff is helping with. Talked to returning student assistant about her schedule for the semester.

(Two other students came in to work today. They filed everything from the biographical and university "to be filed" boxes and then worked on boxes of papers from the administration building attic.)

And now it's 4:48. I think I've covered all the highlights (and most of the lowlights) from today's work experience. In a few minutes I will attend a fitness class at our gym and then head home. See you tomorrow!


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