Friday, May 13, 2011

Baptist History Resources

These resources were gathered from Taffey Hall's article, "Saving Grace: Baptist Archives and Historical Collections in North America," in the Baptist History and Heritage journal, volume 44, no. 2, 2009. This blog post was prepared in conjunction with Telling the Old, Old Story: Research Opportunities for Minority Baptist Groups, presented at ALABI 2011.

Links to a Variety of Baptist Institutions and Repositories

ALABI: (includes Starr bibliography):


Baptist Studies Online:


Specific Baptist Groups

Baptist General Conference Archives

Conservative Baptists

Free Will Baptists

General Association of General Baptists

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches

Independent Baptists

Landmark Missionary Baptists


North American Baptist Conference (former German Baptist Conference)

Primitive Baptists

Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society

Print Sources

Hall, Taffey. "Saving Grace: Baptist Archives and Historical Collections in North America." Baptist History and Heritage 44, no. 2 (2009): 31-46.

May, Lynn E., Jr. International Directory of Baptist Archives/Libraries. McLean, VA: Baptist World Alliance Commission on Baptist Heritage, 1990.

Sumners, Bill. "Baptist Archives." In Baptist History Celebration, 2007: A Symposium on Our History, Theology, and Hymnody, 244-251. Springfield, MO: Baptist History Celebration Steering Committee, Particular Baptist Press, 2008.

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