Monday, August 4, 2008

I read the news today, oh, boy... (part one)

Here's my stab at a "day in the life" posting. Today is Monday, August 4. The story so far...

8:00-9:15 - Arrived at library. Turned in book. Dropped off lunch in fridge. Noticed and disposed of dead mouse on glue board. (Ick factor - relatively low. He was already dead, so there was no squirming or anything.) Picked up mail. Talked to Bob and Jennifer. Came up to Special Collections and heard door alarm sounding. Turned it off. Updated voice mail with new closing info. Checked answering machine (haven't returned call yet). Unlocked doors and turned on lights. We're closed today, so that didn't take long. Opened e-mail and looked for anything urgent (nothing spotted). Read Twitter and FriendFeed updates. Fired up and picked out some music.

9:15-11:00 - Took Lee my copy of Sweeney Todd and chatted about Friday's GOLD/GALILEO conference. We enjoyed hearing Cliff Landis, Jason Puckett, Rachel Borchardt, and others, and we learned a lot! At 10:30, I went to a reception for our new circulation person and ate entirely too much. Mmmmm.

Now it's 11:07, and I'm going to look for my desk.

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