Tuesday, August 5, 2008

End of Monday, Beginning of Tuesday

I realized last night that I never finished yesterday's "Day in the Life" postings. Sorry! After lunch, I taste-tested some bonbons a co-worker was making for a shower (yummy) and then found out the 36 boxes coming to us from the law library were on the way! Jennifer and I helped John move the boxes from his car and the loading dock into a vacant office in Special Collections. (The next step is to meet with the dean and the head of technical services and figure out where we go from here.) I also scheduled a meeting at a local private school that wants to start an archives and picked up a few things on my desk.

Tuesday, so far:

I've spent the morning working on reference questions that were backing up in my e-mail. I've also started printing out correspondence from July that will be used to support the August monthly report. I've taken some outgoing mail down to our mailroom and put a catalog in the recycling box. There have been phone calls from a man who wants to buy some books (we don't have them on our "for sale" shelves at present, though) and from the provost's office needing the founding date for one of our colleges. Surprisingly, dealing with all of that has taken over two hours!

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