Monday, July 26, 2010

A Day in the Life!

It's time again for a Library Day in the Life post. Whoo-hoo!

See,-July-26th,-2010 for more info. And watch this space!

EDIT: Now if I can just remember what I did today... I'll start with my Twitter posts containing the #libday5 hashtag and then fill in the gaps:

  • "I'd like to be writing my Library Day in the Life post or installing the new scanner. But I'm just moving things around on my desk."
  • "Paid my contribution for fried chicken for recent library potluck."
  • "Found the correct campus address for a check that ended up on my desk. Sadly, not for me."
  • "Met with summer intern for debriefing on her project. Worked on material for Friday's unconference."
  • "Agreed to let the nominating committee put my name on the ballot for a state organization's election this fall."
  • "Scheduled meeting with history prof to look at old books/maps he found while cleaning his department."
  • "Helping @ashuping test the mobile version of the library's website."
  • "Fun with MS Access 2007! :P"

Ok, those were my tweets today. Let's see what else I can remember:
  • Confirmed time for meeting with Digital Library of Georgia staff on Thursday.
  • Started outline for unconference preso.
  • Set up demo meeting with digitization vendor for next week.
  • Delegated returning a reference phone call to my assistant (excellent move on my part).
  • Rounded up a few boxes to be reshelved; delegated said reshelving.
  • Lunched with intern to celebrate completion of her project.
  • Chatted with intern about networking at professional conferences and getting involved with professional organizations.
  • Paid annual dues for ACA membership.
  • Answered (I think) a question about a name change of a campus department.
That's all I can think of for now!

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