Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Day in the Life

No, it's not time for an official round of "day in the life" postings, but I'm doing this one for myself. It's Monday, and I've been at work for about 45 minutes. So far I've:
  • chatted with a colleague about some boxes in the mail room
  • gone through email
  • perused a campus newspaper before filing it
  • cranked up iTunes for some motivational music
  • jotted down the call number of a book I want from the stacks
I'll update this throughout the day, I hope.
  • checked out the book
  • rescheduled afternoon meetings (maybe)
  • approved vacation days for my assistant; put them on calendar
  • researched info on copyright and unpublished 19th century documents
  • looked up an obituary for a researcher; photocopied page for biographical file
  • helped ILL student find a periodical
  • asked assistant to create bio file on man whose obit I looked up
  • made to-do list
  • emailed legal counsel about copyright and letters
  • answered email about church history booklets
  • printed materials for university files
  • printed items to review for afternoon meeting
  • looked over spreadsheet pertaining to a collections shift
  • proofed document on library closings (for inclement weather and such); delivered to author
  • returned paper clips and binder clips to supply closet
  • put a flyer on an upcoming exhibit in the staff lounge
  • looked up a possible speaker for a campus group
  • found project for student assistant to work on
  • responded to an email about an upcoming research conference on campus
  • worked on newsletter that needs to be mailed ASAP
Lunch break.
  • back to newsletter
  • meeting prep
  • two meetings
  • chatted with assistant about instruction session he handled today
  • emailed faculty member about upcoming instruction session
That's about it!

2 comments: said...

My day today was just like yours... working on my thesis @ the library in Amsterdam. Nice. :) I really like your weblog!!! And Handel is truly a great composer :) Best wishes! xMM

Laura said...

Thank you for your comment! Good luck with your thesis!