Friday, July 31, 2009

It's time for another "Library Day in the Life" update!

Yesterday I jotted down a few notes about what I must admit was a remarkably productive day.
  • Completed time sheets for my students and staff.
  • Talked to the carpet installers about their plan of attack for the archives. Helped move a few things out of their way and open doors.
  • Printed, sorted, and counted correspondence from June.
  • Processed an order for one of our for-sale books.
  • Delegated a couple of reference questions; answered a couple myself.
  • Updated the draft of a proposal for my boss.
  • Moved books out of an antique desk in preparation for carpeting in that area.
  • Received a request from a colleague who wanted to borrow a student assistant for a project.
  • Compiled statistics for an annual report.
  • Attended a lunch planning meeting.
  • Printed items for our vertical files (biographical and university).
  • Received a request for an obituary. Found, scanned, and emailed to happy (librarian) patron.
  • Worked more on proposal.
  • Took student assistant to meet colleague who needed help.
  • Met with boss.
  • Ended workday, and went to see the new Harry Potter movie.
If you will notice, even though I work in a library, I *did not* read all day!


Sustained Euphoria a.k.a. David said...

Can I get some apple pie with that? You guys do so much with so little. I am appreciative of your talents and passion.

Laura said...

Thank you, SE. :)